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Next Steps for Step Therapy Limit Legislation

Posted: July 1, 2015

CSRO has been deeply involved in setting the stage for Step Therapy legislation across the country. This year, nine bills were submitted to state houses. Bills in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Missouri did not move forward. The other five bills are still active this year or will continue into the 2016 portion of their session.

Of the bills that are still active, Maine’s LD 289 has progressed the furthest, passing both the Maine House and Senate. The bill in California also remains very active, however an unfavorable amendment has limited the impact of the bill to only allow for step therapy override reviews.

Last month CSRO co-sponsored a town hall meeting for the State Access to Innovative Medicine (SAIM) Coalition that provided education on step therapy issues for more than 115 attendees. CSRO will also be a part of the SAIM Coalition group meeting in July. This meeting will review the year’s activity, look at strategy in introducing step therapy bills next session, and identify target states for 2016.