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Policy Update Newsletter: CSRO Continues National and International Engagement

Posted: February 1, 2016

Late last year, CSRO Board Members, Michael Schweitz, MD, and Madelaine Feldman, MD, met with MedPAC to discuss reimbursement issues and drug pricing. The meeting address Medicare Part B & D and offered solutions that would increase the risk that plans bear by reducing the Medicare reinsurance and add patient protections on patient out of pocket costs.

This year, CSRO joined the Cognitive Care Alliance (CCA), a recently formed group that will also include the ACR, The American Academy of Neurology, American Gastroenterological Association, and the Society of General Internal Medicine. This coalition seeks to address inequities in reimbursement for cognitive service. With the CCA, CSRO again met with MedPAC and the Deputy Administrator & Director of CMS, Sean Cavanaugh, to address these issues.

CSRO also continues to address issues with CMS and other regulatory bodies. CSRO members will be testifying before the FDA advisory committee on biosimilars this month, and continues to be involved with the Congressional Arthritis Caucus in ongoing events throughout the year. In addition, CSRO will travel internationally for the first time with an educational presentation on biosimilars to the International Congress on Autoimmunity in Germany this April.