Ohio Prior Authorization Bill Signed into Law

2016-06-21 | CSRO

Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed a bill into law that creates a standard prior authorization form and places a time limit on the approval of these requests. Senate Bill 129 was introduced to make the prior authorization process more transparent and effective. The bill quickly moved through the legislative process in May, when it was passed by both the House and the Senate unanimously.

Bill Highlights:

  • Prior authorization forms, requests and transmissions will take place via an online portal.
  • Prior authorization requests submitted must have a response within 48 hours for an urgent care service and 10 days for a non urgent care service.
  • An electronic receipt must be issued as acknowledgement the request was received.
  • Insurers must establish a streamlined appeal process relating to adverse prior authorization decision determinations.
  • Insurers must provide a 30 day notice of any new prior authorization requirements.

The bill adopts various effective dates for each of its provisions (January 1, 2017 & January 1, 2018). Visit the state advocacy section to stay updated on prior authorization legislation from around the country.

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