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Federal Action Center

The CSRO is an active member of the Alliance of Specialty Medicine, a coalition of national medical societies representing specialty physicians. This non-partisan group is dedicated to the development of sound federal health care policy that fosters patient access to the highest quality specialty care.

Joining forces with physicians from across the country amplifies the concerns Rheumatologists share with fellow specialists. By working together, specialty medical organizations influence health care policy more effectively and efficiently, thus advancing our primary goal: to provide our patients the optimal care they need.

Among the Alliance's highest federal policy priorities are:

  • Ensuring that health care reform has a positive impact on patient access to specialty care while cutting health care costs to provide a more viable system for patient care in the long term;
  • Reforming the Medicare program to ensure the greatest access to care for seniors;
  • Advancing reforms of our nations' medical liability system; and
  • Improving patient access to the highest quality healthcare, in part, by assuring effective patient safety measures are in place.

Alliance activities are featured throughout the CSRO's website.

For additional details, please visit

Alliance of Specialty Medicine | @SpecialtyDocs

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