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Issue Background

Healthcare Workforce


With 10,000 seniors aging into the Medicare program every day for the next 18 years and millions of Americans accessing health insurance for the first time as a result of the Affordable Care Act, we must take immediate steps to ensure patient access to a fully-trained specialty physician work force.

Addressing the immediate and longterm shortage of rheumatologists will depend on myriad factors, including practice efficiency, non-physician provider integration, telehealth and increased public support of physician training programs.

Where We Stand

  • Recognize and address shortages in specialty medicine, including rheumatology.
  • Eliminate current Medicare Graduate Medical Education funding caps. The number of training slots should be based on projected physician workforce needs for the US population.
  • Increase funding to support rheumatologist resident educational needs, resident training slots, and academic teaching subsidization.
  • Provide incentives to train and develop a quality rheumatology workforce for patients in the rural setting.

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