CSRO Principles of Integrity

The following principles ensure the integrity of the positions of CSRO on issues affecting the profession of rheumatology and the patients that are cared for by rheumatologists.


Positions and statements by CSRO must be free of influence from politics, funders, and other outside forces. CSRO must commit to presenting issues that promote the advancement of the profession of rheumatology and the care of the rheumatology patients rather than advancing any interests of any external sources. CSRO will achieve this through good-faith professional judgment and the careful review of any content that CSRO produces to ensure the following:

No outside entity has control of the positions on various issues pertaining to the practice of rheumatology.

CSRO must be careful to avoid the appearance and perception of influence by funders that would promote their products or business services.


Accuracy in promoting the issues that are important to the rheumatology profession and how they affect our patients is of utmost importance.


Transparency requires all sources of funding from commercial entities be listed on our website.