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Welcome to the CSRO Action Center

With so many concerns to track, legislators rely on you to raise the profile of pressing issues. This page houses CSRO’s engagement platform, which allows you to communicate directly with your legislators. Advocacy is important, but we are also mindful of your time. Our tool allows you to participate in grassroots advocacy with minimal time expenditure.

Using the Action Center

1) Search our Active Engagements

Identify your state and click where you are directed to.

2) Enter Location Information

Most legislators’ contact forms require residency information to screen incoming communications. To ensure that your message is read, our engagement platform requires that you provide some personal information. Please note that the information we collect is solely used to determine the appropriate recipients for your message and to send you a confirmation. You may choose to opt in to the CSRO mailing list to receive future advocacy updates.

3) Review Your Message

CSRO highly encourage customization. Even small personalization can make your letter stand out to a legislator. You may edit both the subject of the message provided and the content. You are now ready to send your message(s).

4) Finish!

Press “Submit Messages” to send your letters!