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Patient Rights Report Fingers Insurer Practices as Impediment to Patient Access

Posted: August 25, 2017

The Doctor-Patient Rights Project recently released a new study concerning barriers to healthcare access for patients. Titled: Not What the Doctor Ordered, the report focuses on how intrusions by insurers in the patient –physician relationship have forced many patients to forgo the treatments they need. As a result, patients are facing untenable costs outside of their insurers, or settling for less preferable treatments.

The report identifies non-medical switching and step-therapy protocols, as well as prior-authorization requirements as culprits blocking patient access. Prior-authorization and step-therapy requirements delay patients’ best and preferred course of treatment, time that patients with chronic conditions in particular can ill afford. Non-medical switching practices will often block a patient’s access altogether.

Data gathered across six states from the Government Accountability Office found that the rate of claim varied between 11 and 24, and some insurers denied claims at rates of up to 40 percent.

Eliminating the practices identified by the report is a goal the CSRO hopes to achieve. To learn more about these issues, and how to get involved please visit the advocacy section of our website.

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