The CSRO is committed to supporting rheumatology fellows and offers various opportunities to enrich their personal and professional development.

Fellows Conference

Since 2005, CSRO has hosted an annual Fellows Conference to provide the next generation of rheumatologists with practical career tips and insights not typically taught in academic training. Learn more here.


The CSRO Board of Directors welcomes a Fellow-at-Large to serve alongside them for a one-year term as a non-voting member and act as a liaison between CSRO and rheumatology fellowship programs nationwide.

This position provides Fellows with a unique experience to engage with Board members from across the United States and better understand the importance of advocacy in the life of a practicing rheumatologist.

Fellowship Grant

New this year, CSRO is exploring a grant program to directly support rheumatology fellowships at programs in member states, and in partnership with member state societies. We are pleased to pilot this grant program with a commitment of $25,000 in support of the pediatric rheumatology fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, matched by the California Rheumatology Association.