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Advocacy Council 

For 20 years, the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations (CSRO) has remained dedicated to ensuring access to the highest quality care for the management of rheumatologic diseases by actively advocating at both the state and federal level to aid rheumatologists in protecting their patients and their livelihood.

Advocacy is the cornerstone of CSRO’s mission and has a tremendous impact on a patient's access to care, disease management options, and quality of life, as well as the overall practice environment for rheumatology.

To enhance current advocacy efforts, CSRO’s Advocacy Council serves as a sounding board for advocacy issues, working to amplify CSRO’s voice, and seek to identify new advocacy opportunities.


Advocacy Council members will need to provide an email address to be added to a dedicated listserv; a home address to be used to identify state and federal representatives; and a phone number. In addition to providing these details, members will be expected to: 

  • Attend virtual bi-annual meetings to review CSRO’s current state and federal advocacy efforts.
    • Council members will be asked to offer feedback on areas of enhancement, as well as bring forward new issues impacting patients and practices
  • Broadcast CSRO’s campaigns and engagement opportunities when requested, including:
    • Rheumatic Disease Awareness Month campaign
    • Advocacy-related webinars
    • Surveys


As a benefit of participating in CSRO's Advocacy Council, individuals will receive:

  • Dedicated, real-time communications and updates on CSRO’s advocacy efforts and opportunities for action, such as:
    • State and Federal Action Alerts
    • Policy Correspondence
  • Special invitations to engage directly in real-time advocacy, such as:
    • Serve as an ambassador to state legislators for tours and/or at state Advocacy Days/Fly-Ins
    • Provide expert testimony at legislative committee hearings

How to Apply

CSRO's Advocacy Council is open to all in the rheumatology community. To apply, complete our online application below. Please note, all applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants can expect to receive a response within 30 days.

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