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2017-02-03 CSRO Step Therapy Support

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CSRO Supports Step Therapy Legislation in Utah, Texas, and Iowa

Posted: February 3, 2017


This week was a big one for step therapy legislation, which moved forward in three key states. In Utah, HB 266 was introduced yesterday by Representative Eric K. Hutchings (R, 38th). A similar bill (HB 1464) was also introduced in Texas on Wednesday by Representative Greg Bonnen (R, 24th), who is also a practicing physician. CSRO is also happy to report that Iowa’s HSB 26 passed unanimously out of the House Human Resources committee yesterday afternoon.

These bills are all important steps towards protecting people from the delayed access to effective and safe treatment as well as the potential for an increased risk of adverse outcomes that can result from step therapy. Should these bills pass, Utah, Texas, and Iowa will join the multiple states across the nation that have already enacted similar legislation, including Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New York, Mississippi, California, Kentucky, Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, and West Virginia.

CSRO is pleased with the progress seen in these states this past week and wishes to thank Utah Representative Hutchings, Texas Representative Bonnen, and the Iowa Human Resources Committee Members for supporting the step therapy legislation in their states. We will continue to supports these bills as they move closer to becoming law; please continue to check our websites for updates on their status.

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