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2017-03-21 Biosimilars Update

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Biosimilars Legislative Status Update — March 2017

Posted: March 21, 2017


Montana and Iowa recently joined the now 28 states to provide pathways for access to Biosimilars, and create much needed patient safety rules, including guidelines for dispensing pharmacists to communicate to physicians about biosimilar substitutions. New Mexico passed HB260 and waits to become the 29th state to enact legislation upon the Governor’s signature. Here are the statuses of legislation in states across the country.

Montana: HB233
Status: Signed by the Governor

Iowa: HF305
Status: Signed by the Governor

Alaska: SB32
Status: Passed the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee

Alabama: HB82
Status: Assigned to House Health Committee

Arkansas: HB1204
Status: Amended and Assigned to House Public Health, Welfare & Labor Committee

Connecticut: HB7118
Status: Filed with Legislative Commissioner’s Office

Kansas: HB2107
Status: Passed the House and referred to Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare. Held a Hearing on Thursday, March 16. CSRO testified and was a listed proponent

Nebraska: LB481
Status: Referred to Health and Human Services Committee, and listed as a priority bill

Nevada: AB245
Status: Assigned to Committee on Commerce and Labor, hearing scheduled for March 22

New Mexico: HB260
Status: Passed both chambers, awaits Governor’s signature

New York: HB4788
Status: Referred to House Higher Education Committee

South Carolina: H3438
Status: Passed House unanimously (104-0) and passed the Senate Medical Affairs Committee

Wyoming: SF121
Status: Passed the Senate and House

Alabama: HB82
Status: Referred to House Health Committee

Minnesota: HF712
Status: Passed House Committee, on 2nd Reading on the House Floor

Maryland: SB997/HB1273
Status: Passed the Senate – SB997
Status: Passed the House – HB1273

Vermont: S.92
Status: Passed the Senate Health and Welfare Committee

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