2017-04-04 KS Biosimilars Bill

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Kansas’ Bill for Biosimilars Awaits the Governor’s Signature

Posted: April 4, 2017


In Kansas, HB2055 has reached approval in the House and Senate and awaits the Governor’s signature. This bill provides important pathways for access to biologic medications. It also creates much needed patient safety rules including for dispensing pharmacists to communicate with physicians about biosimilar substitutions within 5 business days. Requiring this communication as quickly as possible provides physicians an opportunity to counter and correctly report any adverse effects of medications.

With FDA approval of biosimilars, biological products continue to be of growing importance for rheumatology patients. CSRO supports the safe introduction of interchangeable biologic drugs into the practice of medicine in Kansas and urges Governor Sam Brownback to sign the bill into law. With his signature Kansas would become the 29th state to enact this important safety measure.