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2017-09-22 Dr. Stolow Testifies in Utah

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CSRO Delivers Testimony on Utah Step Therapy

Posted: September 22, 2017


On Wednesday, September 20th, Dr. Joshua Stolow traveled to Utah to testify on the necessity of patient protection legislation addressing step therapy protocols. Dr. Stolow was able to speak authoritatively as a physician on the harmful consequences experienced by patients forced to adhere to step therapy, or “fail first,” protocols.

As advocates for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, step therapy protocols are particularly harmful to our patients. The practice inhibits physicians from being able to provide individualized care and sacrifices valuable treatment time that are particularly important for patients whose conditions must be carefully and continuously managed to avoid negative outcomes. Conveying these unique challenges faced by patients was a particular feature of Dr. Stolow’s testimony in favor of patient protections legislation in Utah.

Dr. Stolow was joined by a panel of patient and physician advocates encouraging lawmakers in Utah to follow the lead of other states who have enacted important patient protections.

View Panel’s September 20th Testimony

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