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2018-03-23 CSRO at the WRA Annual Meeting

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CSRO Travels to the Wisconsin Rheumatology Association’s Annual Meeting

Posted: March 23, 2018


Last weekend CSRO Vice President, Dr. Madelaine Feldman, traveled to the Wisconsin Rheumatology Association’s annual meeting to represent CSRO, and educate attendees on the role that Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) play in inflating the price of prescription drugs.

Her presentation focused on the pharmaceutical rebate system, and how the rebates garnered by PBMs drive up the cost of prescription drugs, but fail to make their way into patients’ pockets. The rebate driven formularies used by Pharmacy Benefit Managers are also the root cause of some of the utilization management tools that continue to harm patients with chronic conditions. To learn more about current efforts to improve transparency among PBMs, please visit the Alliance for Transparent and Affordable Prescription’s website.

Dr. Feldman’s presentation at the WRA meeting is part of CSRO’s commitment to provide resources for state rheumatology societies. In addition to raising awareness about ways that state societies and the CSRO can collaborate on shared priorities, CSRO is able to provide speakers at state societys’ annual meetings. If you are interested in having CSRO attend your annual meeting please contact us.

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