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2018-05-14 IL Non-Medical Switching

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Non-Medical Switching Protections Advance in Illinois

Posted: May 14, 2018


HB4146, a bill that protects patients from mid-year formulary changes, has been making steady progress in the Illinois legislature this year. After passing the House, it was assigned to the Special Committee of Medicaid Managed Care, where it was heard in a subject matter hearing on Wednesday, May 9th.

CSRO Vice President, Madelaine Feldman, attended the hearing to provide testimony in support of the legislation alongside a patient advocate. Dr. Feldman provided a strong show of support, and rebutted numerous arguments raised by opposition.

We are hopeful that the legislation will continue its progress, and that Illinois patients will be protected from mid-year formulary changes by the end of the legislative session.

You may contact the bill’s chief sponsor in the Senate to express your support by visiting her Illinois General Assembly page.

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