2018-05-21 MN Enacts Step-therapy Reform

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Minnesota Enacts Step-therapy Reform Measure

Posted: May 21, 2018


On Friday, May 15th, Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota signed HF3196 into law providing important patient protections to Minnesota patients.

Step-therapy protocols, also known as “fail first,” require patients to try insurance companies preferred drugs before receiving the therapy recommended by their physician. The legislation protects patients in Minnesota from overzealous application of this utilization management tool, by providing for a series of exceptions that physicians may use to override step therapy protocols. This puts care decisions back in the hands of patients and their physicians, and ensures patients get the treatment that is right for them.

The CSRO applauds the efforts of Representative Kelly Fenton and Senator Paul Utke, whose leadership and energy played a decisive role in guiding the legislation through the Minnesota legislatures.

Minnesota is now the second state to enact positive step therapy reforms for patients in 2018.