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2018-07-19 Three Biosimilar Measures Approved

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2018 Session Capped with Approval of Three States’ Biosimilar Measures

Posted: July 19, 2018


Over the course of the past year, interchangeable biosimilar substitution laws with physician communication provisions have continued to find enormous success in the states. To round out the 2018 sessions, three states have joined their peers in the last month by enacting similar legislation.

Alaska, Connecticut, and Vermont all recently had their measures approved by their respective Governors. Each of the laws promises to improve future uptake of biosimilars while protecting patients by keeping physicians informed of substitutions at the pharmacy level.

Alaska’s law had a particularly strong communication provision, providing notification within 3 business days to prescribers. Pictured right is Governor Walker signing the measure into law.

These three states have brought the total number of biosimilar substitution laws enacted in the states to 45. Only Alabama, Arkansas, Maine, Mississippi, and Oklahoma remain. CSRO looks forward to working with these states to improve biosimilar uptake while protecting patients.

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