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2018-08-08 CSRO Discusses Part B and D with CMS

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CSRO Discusses Part B and D with CMS

Posted: August 8, 2018

Members of CSRO’s executive board recently met with CMS to discuss Part B and D drug pricing. Doctors Michael Schweitz, Madelaine Feldman, Greg Schimizzi traveled to D.C. to present CSRO’s feedback on recent proposals and provide rheumatology’s perspective on the programs.

The presentation was very well received, and CMS staff was thoroughly engaged with the material presented. CSRO members in attendance commented that the meeting was extremely productive.

Part B and D have been a hot topic recently when the Department of Health and Human Services released a Request for Information on the “Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices” presented by the Whitehouse, and changes to Part B and D featured heavily amongst the proposals. One such change was a proposal to move certain Part B products to Part D. CSRO submitted comments in response, which can be read here.

With so many prospective changes looming, CSRO was appreciative of the opportunity to broaden the array of policymakers that the organization dialogues with on Part B and D. We look forward to continuing this dialogue with CMS to ensure that changes to the program do not hamper patient access.

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