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Annual State Society Advocacy Conference a Success

Posted: September 25, 2018


The CSRO was excited to host many members of the state rheumatology societies and other partners in Chicago on Saturday, September 15th for the annual State Society Advocacy Conference (SSAC). Each year the conference represents an opportunity for rheumatologists across the country to come together and discuss issues affecting patients and their practices, connect with allies and partners, learn about emergent access issues, and learn about useful tools rheumatologists can utilize in their advocacy efforts.

The 2018 conference was perhaps the most successful to date with robust attendance and a program covering a diverse array of important topics.

One of CSRO’s guiding missions is to empower state rheumatology societies to participate in advocacy, and enhance their voice with CSRO’s own resources. To that end, Kevin Daley, CSRO’s Director of Government Relations, led off the conference with a discussion of the resources that CSRO offers state societies.

CSRO is proud to offer the following resources to its members: Use of CSRO’s action alert platform, advocacy grants, speakers for meetings, issue specific educational materials, webinars, advocacy training and best practices, a quarterly newsletter, bi-weekly legislative report and more. The full presentation can be accessed here.

If you are a state society member that missed the SSAC, but would like to take advantage of the resources CSRO offers, do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

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