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CSRO Transitions to SAIM Board Chair - Arizona Step-Therapy Legislation Signed into Law

July 30, 2021

The State Access to Innovative Medicines Coalition (SAIM) is the primary organizing vehicle for step-therapy reform and out-of-pocket cost legislation in the states. SAIM has been an important driving force for improving timely access to care in states across the country. In 2020 CSRO was appointed chair-elect of SAIM’s newly formed Board of Directors. This summer CSRO transitioned to the Board’s chair position. In this role, CSRO helps to organize and consult on efforts to reform step-therapy and other legislation nation-wide.

As part of our collaboration within SAIM, CSRO personally helped to lead efforts in both Arkansas and Arizona this year. While legislation in Arkansas was signed into law early in the 2021 state legislative cycle, a budget battle in Arizona delayed passage and signature of Arizona’s law. In early July, this budget battle was resolved, and SB 1270 was signed into law by Arizona’s Governor. The new law will go into effect on January 1, 2022, and will help patients get access to the right treatment at the right time by:

  • Standardizing determination/response timelines.
  • Allowing prescribers to override a step therapy protocol under certain circumstances.
  • Requiring that step therapy protocols follow minimum evidentiary standards.

Questions on the new law? Email info@csro.info.

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